Management - Master of Science in Global Medicine

Management Track

Track Summary

To be prepared to face the daunting international health challenges of today, global health professionals must possess a breadth of knowledge and balance a wide range of roles and competencies. In addition to having a sophisticated understanding of the clinical realities of global medicine, they must have a systematic, business-focused approach to the planning and execution of international healthcare facilities, organizations, and projects.

To address this growing need, the Management Track offers students a chance to incorporate courses on finance, management, leadership, and marketing with coursework in basic medical concepts and treatment, diseases and their risk factors, maternal and child health, and cultural competence.

General Elective Courses

This track requires 25 units of general elective courses. Click below to view a list of available courses.

Track Specific Elective Courses

This track has special elective courses available only to Management Track students. Choose 9 units from the following list.

Management Track Sample Course Plan


14 units

MEDS 500 – Basic Concepts in Global Health (4 units)
ISE 508 – Health Care Operations Improvement (3 units)
MEDS 516 – Cultural Humility in Health and Medicine (2 units)
MEDS 519 – Global Oral Health (2 units)
MOR 569 – Negotiation and Deal-making (3 units)


12 units

DSO 582 – Service Management: Economics and Operations (3 units)
DSO 586 – Global Healthcare Operations Management (3 units)
MEDS 518 – Children in Emergency Situations, Global Policies and Programs (2 units)
MEDS 520 – Medical Spanish (2 units)
MEDS 511 – Global Health Modules, Tuberculosis (2 units)


6 units

MEDS 527 – Zoonotic Infectious Diseases (2 units)
MEDS 575 – Introduction to Healthcare in Resource-Limited Settings (2 units)
MEDS 579 – Healthcare Challenges and Dynamics and Japan (2 units)